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Osteopathy Treating The Whole Person

Useful Research

Attention all coffee drinkers….

Coffee is Good For You | Rozelle Osteopaths

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has done all the hard work for you ..convening a working group of 23 International Specialists to plough through 1000 pus research papers.
The Result ?

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Of Mice and Men ..

Vertebra bones on a beach | Rozelle Osteopaths

Who would have thought that our bones are not just a way of holding ourselves upright but also actively responsible for mood, fertility, memory and diabetes

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What is Muscle Soreness?

Muscle Soreness | Rozelle Osteopaths

*Post exercise soreness is probably not caused by inflammation at all ….but rather by something else that the inflammatory process itself seems to prevent *Muscle soreness decreases as inflammation escalates , this indicates that soreness is unlikely to be caused by inflammation. *RBE or Repeated Bout Effect is the skeletal muscle’s way of reducing further…

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Osteoarthritis Misconceptions and Myths

Osteoarthritis Misconceptions and Myths

*Common knowledge is that osteoarthritis is mostly ‘wear and tear’ , a disease of old age or joint trauma . But in fact it is much more complex than this . *It is the end result of a number of pathways. *it is NOT a disease. *it is NOT wear and tear. *obesity does not…

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AT STILL – considered to be the founder of Osteopathy

AT STILL | The Founder of Osteopathy

At Still was a great observer of the body and its responses to healing. His thoughts are just as relevant as today’s thinking: The human body functions as a total biologic unit The body possesses self-healing and self-regulatory mechanisms Structure and function are interrelated, and Abnormal pressure in one part of the body produces abnormal…

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The  Inner West areas of Balmain , Lilyfield , Annandale and Leichhardt seem to have a particularly high incidence of asthma ..which is increasing. How can and DOES Osteopathy help? This is what I ve observed in my  26 years of practice .. The asthamatics rib cage can literally become a cage ie rigid and…

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Low Back Pain Tops World’s Disability List

Low Back Pain Tops World’s Disability List | Rozelle Osteopaths

Low back pain is the cause of more disability worldwide than any other condition, Australian led research shows. The analysis of 117 studies from 47 countries also revealed that almost 1 in 10 people across the globe have experienced low back pain. It showed that men were more likely than women to have low back…

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Are You an active couch potato?

Active Couch Potato | Rozelle Osteopaths

Are you sitting comfortably? Well Don’t In a new field called’ inactivity  research’ is revealing that inactivity , particularly in the form of sitting ,is really bad for your health. Excessive sitting should now be considered a stand alone component of the physical activity health equation. Even if you exercise well. In 2010 the data…

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