Osteoarthritis Misconceptions and Myths

Osteoarthritis Misconceptions and Myths*Common knowledge is that osteoarthritis is mostly ‘wear and tear’ , a disease of old age or joint trauma . But in fact it is much more complex than this .
*It is the end result of a number of pathways.
*it is NOT a disease.
*it is NOT wear and tear.
*obesity does not contribute through overloading
*about 2% is accounted for by loading / strain
*40 % plus is familial ie genetic
*excess body fat is a contributor , not because of the extra weight but because body fat actually stimulates the process of inflammation. Fat is an endocrine organ secreting chemicals
*What can you do ?
*avoid weight gain in the first instance
*eat a diet free of processed foods
*Feed your joints through your food –add Curcurmins (ginger , galangal , turmeric) , small sized oily fish and dark leafy greens .
*look after your gut and you ‘ll minimize inflammation –plenty of fermented foods, Slippery Elm , keffir etc