Treatment by acupuncture | Rozelle Osteopaths

Recent studies have revealed what happens during Needling techniques treatment : Improvement of local blood circulation, Enhancement of cellular immunity , Inhibition of the nervous system Increase in endorphin (a naturally produced morphine like pain killer. It’s effects are discussed in terms of: “blood stasis “- this refers to a variety of conditions that impede…

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TEN DIY NECK TIPS by Alison Linn Rozelle Osteopaths

Neck Pain | Rozelle Osteopaths

Don’t read in bed half propped up against the pillows, instead sit upright and avoid looking down at the book/ kindle. Practice keeping your ears above your shoulders and chin slightly tucked in – be a ‘proud horse not a tired old horse’ Keep fit – EXERCISE, need I say more! A good pillow is…

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Musculoskeletal disorders are second highests global health burden

Muculoskeletal Disorders | Rozelle Osteopaths

Musculoskeletal disorders rank second to mental health in non –fatal disabilities according to the outcome of the 2010 Global Burden of Disease Study. This study is the largest compilation of international disability  and it’ s impact to date and has found that the main culprits have barely changed since the first study in 1990. Population…

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Why Needling Techniques and Osteopathy combination

Needling Techniques and Osteopathy combination | Rozelle Osteopaths

In my opinion using needling techniques and osteopathy combination really is a case of ‘The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts’ . In other words you tend to get a quicker , deeper and  longer lasting response to the two combines. I had 12 years clinical experience as an osteopath before I…

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Visceral Osteopathy, what’s that?

Visceral Osteopathy | Rozelle Osteopaths

The human body in good health has physiologic motion and the viscera , the organs in the body , is no exception. The health of the viscera depends on the natural ability the organ has to deform in order to adapt to different postures as well as being able to slide freely around each other…

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Some useful knee facts

Knee Treatments | Rozelle Osteopaths

Useful information to help your knees: Biphosphonate supplementation can extend knee implant lifespan twofold Effective non surgical approaches your Rheumatologist may recommend for knee degeneration: Valgus knee brace Motion control shoes Neutral foot orthotic Weight loss All the following demonstrably reduce pain by 20%: 1)    Recent systematic reviews of the studies on knee arthroscopy  for…

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5 Proven benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi Health benefits | Rozelle Osteopaths

Here are some study proven benefits of Tai Chi: Peace of mind Improved balance Pain reduction in osteoarthritis Lowers blood pressure Stress reduction and response

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5 Beneficial foods for your health

Read More 5 Beneficial foods for your health | Rozelle Osteopaths

The following food have unexpected benefits: Food Benefit MISO High in Magnesium (adrenal support , muscle relaxation, powerful antioxidant particularly slowing the aging process PRUNES Slow down and prevent osteoporosis APPLES Reduces risk of stroke in men by 46%if 5 or more consumed / week , lowers LDL cholesterol levels AVOCADOS Binds with free radicals…

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