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Alison Lynn | OsteopathALISON'S PROFILE

Hi my name is Alison Linn and I have been practising in the Inner West close to Balmain and the Sydney CBD since 1990.

My approach to osteopathy is to tailor the treatment based on patient needs, my clinical experience and the presenting condition.

My treatment includes muscle and joint release modalities.

My particular interests lie in overuse injuries, sports injuries , wear and tear management but in fact I prefer keeping an 'open clinic ' so I don't limit my capacity to learn and help.

Self management is emphasised where possible to enable you, the patient, to manage your condition in both the long and short term in a more informed way.

I lectured in the Osteopathy Degree course at UWS for five years, 2000-2004 and at the ESO in Britain in 1988.

Over the decades I have added to my skill base by adding post graduate courses in needling techniques, moxa and TCM, particular to musculoskeletal conditions.

More recently I have added shockwave therapy ,which gives superior, rapid and lasting results for issues such as bursitis , plantar fascitis , tendonopathies , knee pain and rotator cuff/ impingement syndrome of the shoulder.

I have experience in the assessment , understanding and treatment of injuries arising from the following sports : dragon boating , outrigging , running , yoga , swimming, kayaking, volleyball , dance and tennis.