Are You an active couch potato?

Osteopath recommendations for Passive Office WorkersAre you sitting comfortably?

Well Don’t

In a new field called’ inactivity  research’ is revealing that inactivity , particularly in the form of sitting ,is really bad for your health. Excessive sitting should now be considered a stand alone component of the physical activity health equation.
Even if you exercise well.

  1. In 2010 the data from a 14 year study of 123,000 middle aged adults was analysed. All variables accounted for(exercise of 45-60 minutes/ day (!!!) , diet et al ) it demonstrated that those who sat for 6 hours/ day or more had a 37 % higher mortality rate for women and 17 % for men compared to those who sat for 3 hours/ day or less- The American Journal of Epidemiology 2010.
  2. Data analysed on 8800 TV viewing Australians showed that each hour of TV watching sliced 22 minutes off an over 25 yoa adults life – University of QLD.
  3. Across a 14- 15 hour waking day  we are getting 55- 75 % sedentary time and  exercise occupies only around 5% .4) ‘From an evolutionary point of view we are meant to be active’-Audrey Bergouignan human physiologist Uni Colorado.

Osteopathic exercise ideas for Office WorkersWhat can we do ?

  1. Exercise- ‘45 – 60 minutes / day has health benefits’- Inigo San Millan, Human Performance Uni Colorado
  2. Short activity breaks- reduce blood sugar and insulin spikes by @25 %
  3. Build short activity breaks into your working day
  4. Encourage standing meetings at work , adjustable height work stations ( so you can stand and work )
  5. At home , get up and move around during TV adverts, generally putter around your home