Treatment by Acupuncture Lilyfield, SydneyRecent studies have revealed what happens during Needling techniques treatment :

  • Improvement of local blood circulation,
  • Enhancement of cellular immunity ,
  • Inhibition of the nervous system
  • Increase in endorphin (a naturally produced morphine like pain killer.

It’s effects are discussed in terms of:

  • “blood stasis “- this refers to a variety of conditions that impede blood flow. Herbs and needling techniques restore blood flow.
  • ”QI’ – which is energy that can be deficient or excess , herbs and needling techniques moderate the qi.
  • Ying and yang – which can both either decline or be in excess.

Causal factors for reduced health:

  • cold (reduced yang )
  • wind
  • damp
  • heat  (excess yang )
  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • trauma.

In Australia, the growing scientific evidence base for needling techniques has seen its gradual integration into clinical settings from primary care to adjunct therapy in IVF, and even in emergency rooms. A Randomized Trial Comparing needling techniques and Simulated needling techniques for Subacute and Chronic Whiplash. Cameron, Ian Douglas PhD*; Wang, Ellen PhD*; Sindhusake, Doungkamol PhD†

A Systemic Review of Systemic Reviews of Acupuncture 1995- 2005 – Clin Med July-Aug 2006
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There’s evidence for headaches, low back pain , menstrual pain and very recently pelvic pain during pregnancy , Australian Doctor Newsletter 6th august 2013.
The WHO has validated Acupuncture as an Effective Treatment Modality for over 20 years.

There’s now a growing understanding of where needling techniques may be useful in improving patient health outcomes alongside standard medical care. And the incorporation of neuroimaging evidence to support clinical needling techniques studies may certainly be useful to more definitively evaluate the needling techniques effect in the future.

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