TEN DIY NECK TIPS by Alison Linn Rozelle Osteopaths

  1. Neck Pain | Rozelle OsteopathsDon’t read in bed half propped up against the pillows, instead sit upright and avoid looking down at the book/ kindle.
  2. Practice keeping your ears above your shoulders and chin slightly tucked in – be a ‘proud horse not a tired old horse’
  3. Keep fit – EXERCISE, need I say more!
  4. A good pillow is vital don’t feel shy about trying a number out at a reputable centre with informed staff
  5. Practice breathing techniques – slow breath in for four , hold then out for four and hold briefly again. Make sure you use your diaphragm / allow your abdomen to bulge with breathing- you will be less likely to labour the neck muscles.
  6. If you teeth grind then your neck will tense up and further the grinding . See your dentist or look at www.totalgard.com for cheap night splints.
  7. Smile as much as you can and get good sleep. If you are a stressed person try the app ‘Headspace’ –its FREE. An orange head on a figure is the icon. It’s really good and effective.
  8. Be a fidget at your computer , keep the spine moving and blood pumping and lymph draining.
  9. Make sure your monitor is the right height ie your eyes should look ahead not down.
  10. Magnesuim supplements are good for relaxing muscles and adrenal support
Alison Linn Osteopath Rozelle and Leichhardt