OSTEOPATHY and ASTHMA | asthma-inhaler-smallThe  Inner West areas of Balmain , Lilyfield , Annandale and Leichhardt seem to have a particularly high incidence of asthma ..which is increasing.

How can and DOES Osteopathy help? This is what I ve observed in my  26 years of practice ..

The asthamatics rib cage can literally become a cage ie rigid and stiff joints and muscles that counter the effort to breathe . This increases that feeling of difficult to breathe that adds to the emotional as well as physical components of asthma. As time goes on the Diaphragm muscle gets underused and the upper thorax and neck muscle overused . This can lead to sleep apnoea and teethe grinding further excacerbating the asthma.

Osteopathy helps to restore Diaphragm function , loosen tissues and joints and can help restore and easier breathing rhythm with improved tidal volume and rate. Very often accompanying grinding and sleep apnoea will settle .

Alison Linn Osteopath