Some useful knee facts

Knee Treatments | Rozelle OsteopathsUseful information to help your knees:

  1. Biphosphonate supplementation can extend knee implant lifespan twofold
  2. Effective non surgical approaches your Rheumatologist may recommend for knee degeneration:
  • Valgus knee brace
  • Motion control shoes
  • Neutral foot orthotic
  • Weight loss

All the following demonstrably reduce pain by 20%:

1)    Recent systematic reviews of the studies on knee arthroscopy  for osteoarthritis  show little evidence for any benefits
2)    Many studies demonstrate acupuncture  can be effective with  reduction of pain and swelling
3)    Osteopathy has been demonstrated to be effective at pain and swelling reduction , improving mobility , slowing down the rate and severity of symptomatic recurrence