Musculoskeletal disorders are second highests global health burden

Muculoskeletal Disorders | Rozelle OsteopathsMusculoskeletal disorders rank second to mental health in non –fatal disabilities according to the outcome of the 2010 Global Burden of Disease Study.

This study is the largest compilation of international disability  and it’ s impact to date and has found that the main culprits have barely changed since the first study in 1990.

Population growth ,ageing , chronic health issues and sedentary lifestyle were found to the main factors behind this finding  with neck and back pain dominating the rankings.

The recommendation was ‘health systems will need to develop effective and affordable strategies to respond to this growing and universal burden “.

Osteopathy and acupuncture are both evidence -based , affordable and effective solutions to treating neck and back pain. Osteopathy employs massage release techniques , physiotherapy exercises , joint release techniques as we all manipulation (only used with informed consent ).

I have been practicing as an Osteopath in the Inner West since 1990 and my draws mainly  Annandale , Leichhardt , Balmain , Lewisham , Stanmore , Petersham , Rozelle , Pyrmont , Lilyfiled , Drummoyne , Haberfield and Five Dock . These areas have residents who are in mainly office bound employment and have that sedentary behaviour foisted upon them  as well as an ageing population .

In the Inner West we are fortunate to have access to so many varied and available choices for exercise yet many do not know how to go about choosing and what is enough /too little /too much- which is an issue I can and do regularly advise upon.

Feel free to email me or call the clinic numbers to speak to me about any exercise issues or neck and back pain you have

Alison Linn , Osteopath – Rozelle Osteopaths